My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I told mummy I had to go on the potty ...

and I did.

February 29th, 2012

Holy Big Baby

I'm 22 pounds.  Mummy says I have to go on a diet.  But the Cheerios are just sooooooooooo good.  Damn carbs.

February 29th, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Uncle Robby had to go buy prunes this past weekend.

Not for him ... for Charlie.

Charlie is constipated.  [Insert screaming here.]  I can only think it is this since his teeth are coming through in full force, drool everywhere(my FAVORITE PSU sweatshirt is permanently stained), no fever, oh and also the fact that his poop is massive hard green or almost black balls of very foul smelling poop.  [Insert more screaming.]  For a kid who pooped upteen times a day then suddenly did not, all I could figure was that.  It was with bananas at first, but now almost anything.  Uh-oh.  Pooping problems ahead.  [Insert very loud screaming here.]

The ickiest part for me is that sometimes I have to help him poop.  (This is when my husband leaves the room gagging. What a wimp.)  Wouldn't you want someone to help you out.  COME ON.  He is only 9 months old.  Give the poor little guy a break.

The hardest part for all of us is it is interrupting OUR sleep.  Screaming at all hours.  I missed Billy Crystal's entire opening montage last night.  How was it?

This morning he finally pooped ... safe for a few hours.

I think I'll put some prunes in his morning cereal.

By the way, Max's newest thing is saying HI repetitively to many inanimate things, but his voice rises in volume when the aforementioned inanimate thing does not respond.  Teehee!

February 27th, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And the real disciplining begins ...

We have just returned from a lovely week with my folks in Bluffton, South Carolina.  The weather was chilly at times, but nice enough to allow Max to ride outside on toys, many morning walks, and Michael could get out on the golf course.

For some reason it also brought out the terrible two's from a hiding place in Max.  He was a little tear at so many times at the drop of a hat.  He screamed, kicked, hit, threw things, broke through gates, DREW ON COMFORTERS, etc.  My mum and dad were so patient with his crying and such, but said I needed to be more firm.  What does "more firm" mean?  My mum said I would lose him; figuratively, not literally.  He will continue and get more out of control.  This is not good.  This is something I do not want.  But how can I stop it.

Tiger mom strategy ... Uh, no!

Ignore ... nope.

Psycho screaming out-of-control mom ... no.

Supernanny Jo Frost methods ... sounds good to me!  Time outs and naughty steps and put them back put them back put them back.  Needless to say I am exhausted.

I am dealing with what I am sure is a typical two-year-old, yet he seems so prone to become Mr. Tantrum in a matter of 3.4 seconds.  He stomps his feet, he will go limp in my hands and fall to the ground, he will hit, scream, kick, throw, etc. etc. etc.

Case in point: naptime.  The routine is awesome until I leave him.  He gets out past the child door handle guard. He hangs on the door, kicks or tries to climb with his feet wrenching it away from the door frame and comes out.  I tried tying the door shut but he would still go through the motions on the other side of the door until he literally falls asleep from exhaustion.  The crying is ok ... it's the kicking and banging and throwing that I will not tolerate.  We now have a fence so he does not have to be shut in.  But he still cries at times which is better than trying to break my door.

I try not to get frustrated because at times all I want to do is walk away and ignore him and let him have it out, but then is he really learning?  What is he learning ... that it is okay to have tantrums as long as you are not damaging something or someone ... like your own vocal chords?  I do not want him to think this is okay, especially in public.  So, I continue, and have had to leave a few public places.

Week of February 14th, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet ... tweet

Ever since I put Max in his room just after 1:15ish for nap I have been hearing this one toy, which is supposed to be Charlie's, sound off ... tweet.  Tweet tweet tweet tweet.  Really kid.


It's 2:44pm.

Stick me with a fork.

February 1st, 2012