My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Friday, August 30, 2013

10 years later ...

Ten years ago today, I married my love.  The day began with rain, tears of joy from heaven.  The day ended with lots of laughs, a few tears, the wrong cake, many drinks, family and friends, and a future to build.

Why do I love Michael:

10.  He has this very canny way of turning tantrum children into happy children.

9.  He knows that I like my coffee black and he saves all the folded over potato chips or Doritos for me.

8.  He appreciates my profession.  He thinks I am amazing for what I do every day in a classroom.

7.  He tells me I am beautiful.

6.  He just brought me these:

5.  He says thank you for dinner.  He'll remember to start the dishwasher at night.  He washes my car.  

4.  When I am stressed, he'll bring me wine.

3.  He works hard.  He works really hard.  And do you know who he works really hard for?  His children and me.

2.  When we disagree we still love each other.

1.  Because God meant me to love him.

August 30th, 2013

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Go to your room ...

Do not pass go.

Do not collect 200 dollars or a juice box from the fridge.

Do you need to go potty?  Don't lie to me.  Do you need to go.  Go potty, then go in your room.  Do not come out of your room until I come get you.

Do you need a diaper?  Are you wet?  Did you poop?  Go to your room.  (F&$%, this is when I realize that Charlie still sleeps in a crib and I have to lift him into this crib.)  Here's a book.  I'm not happy with you, Charlie.

Max go to your room.  Do not come out.  Here's a book.  Take a rest.  I'm not happy with you, Max.

Now, that I am in my basement, let me tell you what has happened.  I have discovered my children's monster identities.  The Tazmanian Devil, Chip and Dale, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and Veruca Salt, Nellie Olsen, and Randy from "A Christmas Story" all rolled up together in two magnificent packages. I was going to pull my hair out ... before they actually did.

Max whines.
Max stands at the top of the staircase whining and pleading to be picked up BECAUSE he doesn't want to walk down the stairs.
Max will push Charlie out of the way so he can get to me and be closer to me.  Physically closer.
Max believes the answer to everything is NO.  Just ... NO.

Charlie screams ... whenever he wants.  6:13am as we wake up ... he screams.
He hits.  "nice touches Charlie."  Hits.
He wants the car keys.
He wants to turn the car on.
He doesn't want to get in his car seat.
He will kick, push, scream, thrash about, holler, cry, bend, twist, launch himself across the car to get out of his car seat.

So ... today I had it and they knew it.  And I blessedly had almost an hour to myself.  And for the rest of the day, all I had to say was "room" and they stopped.

They are slowly growing up, hopefully sooner than later when it comes to their maturity(for their age ofcourse).  But my little men are still my little men.  If I ever want to snuggle up to Max in bed, he won't kick me out.  If Charlie wants to wrestle on the floor, I'll always let him win.  I still struggle to be the tough mum, yet laying down the the law today felt pretty damn good.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

get to know your surroundings

I have lived in Hershey, Pennsylvania for just over a month now.  I am slowly learning the back roads, where the closest Starbucks is, NOT to even venture down HersheyPark Drive during a weekend or concert night (unless I want the kids to nap in the car), and that it can smell like chocolate one day and sewage the next.  
It is fun to say I live in Hershey.  My husband works for Hershey.  My kids attend the U-Gro center in Hershey and we now live in Hershey.  Our church is right here.  I am starting to recognize people when  I go out.  
My new house gives me such joy.  The boys love the back yard and I love walking our little streets, searching for cicadas.
So today I got to know something else nearby.  Max, Charlie, and I ventured out to the nearest farm for some fruit picking.  It was blackberry day and we had a blast.   

on our way out ...

we picked the black ones

caught in the act of taste-testing ... the evidence was all over his shirt

"Charlie ... chickens."

on our way in ... 

2.2 lbs. of blackberries

Strites Orchard was fantastic - we'll be going back soon!

August 10th, 2013