My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Thursday, March 27, 2014

bragging rights

So, maybe just for a few minutes, I'm going to be that mom putting her kids' faces all over the place and declaring THEY ARE THE CUTEST THING UNDER GOD'S GREAT BEAUTIFUL SKY.

Not that I am biased at all.

I'm just glad they kept their hair straight and appear to love each other.

Max - 4 years old.

Charlie - 2 years old.

and they do love each other ...

March 27th , 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Charlie's little friend ...

Charlie has a friend.  Charlie's friend is a little boy at U-Gro, about his size in head and body(this is saying something if anyone knows Charlie), same spirit, same brutish-ness, same smile.  He always wears a sweater vest.  Always.  Even if he has a sweatshirt on, he then wears a sweater vest. 

Charlie constantly goes on about his friend ... "Hoo."

Yep, that's right, Charlie calls him Hoo ... as in a hoo-t hoo-t from an owl.

"Charlie, who is your friend?"


"Yes, that's what I am asking, who is your friend?"


I found out a little later that the boy's actual name was Yuan, pronounced WHO.

Can you imagine the difficulties this has placed at the school? 

Now we all him Yu-an.

But he is sooooooo cute.

March 16th, 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


My husband's amazing "Handy Manny" like skills have been recognized.  He has been recruited to do this, that, and everything at his mum and dad's new place down south, so off he went(bright and early Sunday morning at 8am) ... and here we stayed(pending snow/ice storm).

By late Sunday morning, I was sending him joking texts ...

"That's it.  I've had it.  Come home."
"How's the drive?"

My back up had left.

I know what you're thinking?  Don't you generally spend a weekend day alone with the boys?  Yes, I do, but I knew Michael would be home at dinner?

Now he wouldn't be.  It was a little looming to me.  I had no back up.  My constant threat of, "I'll tell Daddy ... "  wasn't going to work that night, or the next few ahead.  I now know how my mum felt all those nights as my dad traveled for work as my sister and I grew up.

It was me.  All me.  If they cried, fought, hit, tugged, pushed, pulled, puked, peed, pooped ... WHATEVER.  I was handling it.  My new found respect for single parents is amazing.

A few things I have learned ...

a.  when in doubt, threaten with Santa Claus or the Elf on the Shelf
b.  if it smells like poop, just assume it is poop, not a fart
c.  ALWAYS have a program ready to go on Netflix
d.  stock the wine
e.  macaroni and cheese also
f.  if you want to order pizza, order pizza
g.  savor the cuteness of your four year old who has decided not to listen telling his daddy on the phone he will listen
f.  wash their favorite sweatpants
g.  if they want to go to school in said sweatpants, let them, avoid the tantrum
h.  go out for dinner with a lovely girlfriend the night before your husband leaves
i.  plan a night out when he gets back
j.  savor the loudness of a high school hallway(at work) ... it's not whining at home
k.  just say a little prayer before bath time that the older one does not learn how to make tidal waves
l.  watch an extra cartoon ... who cares

and I'm only on day 3.

March 4th, 2014