My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Monday, April 22, 2013


Charlie is starting to talk.  It is all still quite muffled, but we can make out certain words.

1.  Wah thah's?
[What's that?]
He will get louder and louder with asking this question until you give him sort of answers even if it is something as simple as a wall.

2.  Puuuhhhs
[Puffs ... as in Reese's Puffs cereal.]
Before you all start lecturing me about giving my kids sugary cereal ... a little bit, say 1/3 cup with milk to satisfy a nightly snack I think is far better than cookies, brownies, ice cream, or candy.  It is whole grain you know.

3.  Mommah, mommah
[duh ... just not funny when he calls daddy this as well.]

4.  Tocks
[Socks, to be used as golf balls with plastic golf clubs.  I know there are socks behind things right now.]

5.  Juh
[Not Lochte's catch phrase, Jeah, but juice.]

6.  bah, bah
[any guesses?  No.  None?  Give up?  Bread.]

7.  boo, boo

8.  No
[That's easy.]

9.  Mehmo
[Your's and my favorite furry red monster.]

Please stay posted for future conversations with this almost two year old.

April 22nd, 2013

Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's a damn infirmary around here.

Hi there.  My name is Charlie.  I have tubes in my ears.  I also had my adenoids removed.  When they woke me up, I decided to rip out my IV and get blood and saline all over my daddy.  He didn't mind too much.  Since then I have been a bit moody.  Last night I kept mummy up all night.  I also have bad breath.  Mummy says this is from the adenoid removal.  I am drooling like it's my job.  

Just to catch up with me, my big brother decided to run into a big wall at school.  Mummy freaked out on the phone just a bit, but went to get him and took him to the ER.  Luckily, Max only had to have glue put on his head and not stitches.

Just to get a one-up on the situation, Max puked all over Daddy this morning. 

Mummy and Daddy are ready to go back to work tomorrow.

April 14th, 2013

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Max has a little friend.

Why when our children have a playmate do we call them, "their little friend?"

Guilty as charged.

Max has a blast at U-Gro on a daily basis that he even asks to go on Saturdays.  Hopefully this trend continues through high school.  Part of the reason he loves it so much is his "little friend."  We'll call him "J."

"J" has a hole in a pair of jeans, therefore when Max puts on his pair with the hole, he declares to me that they are just like "J's."

When we arrive, Max immediately starts asking for "J."

Recently we bought new sneakers.  Max wanted "Cars" sneakers, because "J" had "Cars" sneakers.

Max knows "J's" daddy's truck.

The other morning as I left, "J" walked in with an AWESOME new helicopter toy.  "I want to show Max," he said.

Today at the grocery store, Max declared he wanted chocolate milk and he wanted to drink it like "J."  I have never given Max chocolate milk.  I have known his Mimi to give it to him once who then said he did not like it.  Today, he took down a whole small bottle of the stuff.

If I could just get Max to go in the potty all the time, he could be in the same room as "J."  We're working on it, but they are somewhat inseparable.

April 6th, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

And they're one ...

A year ago this past weekend, march 30th, I was out having a relaxing day on my own.  A little bible study, some coffee, some lunch, a little Hunger Games.

Meanwhile, my brother-in-law and his lovely wife were laid up at Lehigh Hospital awaiting the birth of their GORGEOUS little ladies.  And she did it without a c-section folks.  And this past Saturday, our "little ladies" turned one!

How blessed we are with their faces.

April 1st, 2013