My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

He's 1!

There he is ... the one year old.  In about three seconds after this picture was taken ... he was in tears.  Stage fright.  He ate his cake the next day!

May 30th, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

HersheyPark Happy!

The boys are finally starting to understand HersheyPark - if you didn't figure it out my husband works for The Hotel Hershey.  Yes, I get a discount and free park tickets!

I am HUGE!

Wolves ... ewwwwww.

HersheyPark Happy ... hat on.

HersheyPark Happy ... hat off.

Someday son.

On truck 3 ... both Michael and I had to take him on this ride.  He does not understand one time.

Max and Daddy on the Ladybug ... Max's favorite.

After 24 some dollars worth of cheese fries and hot dogs, we called it a day.  We had so much fun!  Should be a regular summer experience.

Bedtime was not such a happy experience.

May 24th, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

When it rains ...

it pours.

That is literally(outside) and figuratively what it is like in my house on a daily basis lately.

You guessed it ... Max and sleep training.  THIS SUCKS.

I am at the point where I think I am going to hurt him by how many times I am placing him gently (more like tossing him) back into his bed.  He thinks it is a game like I am tossing him in a pool.  I have sat for half an hour, I have sat for two and a half hours.  I am so exhausted.  Feeding a newborn in the night is less exhausting than this.  What do I do?

I know he is too young to not take a nap.  However he does not go to sleep until much coaxing, threatening, tossing into bed, taking of bed friends and blankets, cries, need I go on.

And to boot ... he has begun waking in the mid morning, screaming for me, cannot go back to sleep without me.  WE have woken on the couch more times than my back appreciates.

This morning he woke at 4:30am to not go back to sleep after a fun-filled TIRING day yesterday at HersheyPark with barely any nap.  It took until almost 9:30pm for him to fall asleep last night.

How does he do it, because guess what?  This mother isn't doing it.  Period.  I don't think I have consumed this much coffee since my nights in college.

I am trying to read some books about it.  They are not easy reads, tough ones for this sleep-deprived lady to stay awake to complete.

Right now he is having "quiet time."  I tried to put him for a nap at around 10ish this morning since waking at 4:30am.  Gave me all the tired signs, but NO.  He wants mummy to toss him into bed umpteen times, so I left.  I told him he can read books, do puzzles, play with his toys QUIETLY.  If he wanted to nap he could.  His bed is there.  But he has to QUIET.  So far, not bad.  I hear him talking but not loudly and Charlie is soundly asleep.

I am sitting on my ass while I can.

May 21st, 2012

PS - Good thing he's cute.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Is your hair your "thing?"

I have some friends that invest a lot of money into their hair.  And I am talking about more than just a 6 week trim for fifty bucks?  I am talking products, appointments, coloring, herbal therapies, etc. etc. etc.

I can say I am not one of those.  My $2.49 Wegman's brand shampoo and conditioner is just fine, thank you very much.

In middle school or high school I had very short hair which any of my high school friends who read this might remember.  I was boyish looking.  I was mistaken for a boy on a number of occasions.  I'm over it.  As I entered college I decided to become more girlish and began to grow my hair.  I got trims but it stayed longer.

When I was pregnant with Charlie and Max was napping once I came across a documentary for "Locks of Love."  I was so completely moved by the program, its donors, and especially its recipients that I decided it would be my style from now on.  I will just continuously grow my hair to cut for "Locks of Love.

And I just had my first cut!




Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Have you met Charlie; our garbage disposal.

 "Yo Mum, it's about that time, to bring back ... the Goldfish."
 "Yeah, dog, not sharing with you."
 "Ah, hah ... that's the ticket.  Good mummy.  Don't go too far.  I'll want more when I'm done with these.
 (eating happily ... )
"Yeah, dog, what part of not sharing didn't you understand?  The "n" or the "ot."

Charlie is an eater.  That whole phrasing "eat me out of house and home."  He would be the illustration in a picture dictionary.  His ability to eat mass quantities however does not coincide with his ability to sleep.

Case in point, he was calling to me at 3:16 am this morning grabbing for my boobies.  I know I know, he just wanted to be with his beautiful perfect can't do anything wrong mother of the decade!  Please hold your applause.

I am convinced he will always eat.  It makes me nervous because the last thing I want to do is overfeed him.  I am not one to appease my kids with food.  How do you know when you overfeed a kid though?  Things are always moving here so I do not see him eating out of boredom.

With the debates of the day and the cover of Newsweek ... one cannot be too careful.

May 9th, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

It must be done ...

sit in Max's room until he falls asleep, I mean.  I swore I would not be one of those mother's who did this, but I am at the point where I must.

Our routines are fantastic and worked very well until recently.  I know part of the problem was letting Max into a big bed before he should have been allowed.  We needed the crib for Charlie, but we probably could have made it work for a while longer or borrowed a second crib.

Max has realized his freedom and will succumb to that urge VERY QUICKLY when it comes to naptime or bedtime.  He will have toys playing, puzzles in pieces, cars going back and forth, and an empty bed getting very cold for quite some time before he actually takes it upon himself to tuck himself back into that bed and take a nap or go to bed.  I find it all very funny that he will eventually put himself to bed as opposed to crashing on the floor at the last spot he was playing, although one night i did find him sprawled on the floor with his hand very noticeably down the front of his diaper.  REALLY.

I didn't mind the playing at first and it kept him contained.  However, he has now learned how to work the system ... as in me being the system.  It was always books and bed.  He now wants more books.  He throws tantrums.  He throws things.  As I leave the room by stepping over the gate(which we must tie shut) that contains him since our little guy can open doors and locks, he jumps out of bed following me screaming.  He throws himself on the floor inside his room, thumps, kicks, hits the door therefore making horrendous banging noises and waking up Charlie, who needs all the sleep he can get.  He'll scream the name of the book he wants while banging the door with his feet.  Silence.  Oh good ... he stopped.  "Goodnight Moon" comes flying out into the hallway.


After much talking to the experts, my sister; 'Supernanny' in her own right and my mum and my husband for his point of view, I tried a new strategy at bedtime, because he has to listen to me.  He rarely does all this to my husband ... ofcourse.

We read books ... only three.  I told him to stay in bed, he could not get out of bed, he needed to fall asleep in bed.  And I sat near the door with my back to him and read a book.  I turned on my NOOK Color (plug for Barnes and Noble) at 8:18 pm.  He talked to himself, he played with his bed friends, he whimpered, he bounced, he shuffled about, but finally after about 45 minutes he started breathing heavy and snoring.  He did not get out of bed.  Good job boy.  I left the room at 9:13pm, drank two glasses of wine and ate cold macaroni and cheese and went to bed

Naptime wasn't too bad today either ... NOOK Color on at 1:13pm and I was leaving at 1:38pm.  He did get out of bed twice where I then put him back without talking.  He is still sleeping now.  Do I go wake him?  I know ... enjoy it.  I would if the other one hadn't woke up before two hours.

I do not want my child attached to me or need me to fall asleep.  I have always been very proud of the fact that all has been well in this department until now.  Letting them cry while being so young sucks ... I cried through it too.  Charlie is going through it now, but it must be done.  My boys will be able to be alone.  Obviously something had to be done in this case.  I could not have my 2 1/2 year old punching a hole through my wall with a copy of "Olivia."

If only the tantrums were fixable right now.

May 7th, 2012

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Max has figured out the possessive.  The 's that we tag onto a person's name, but not its, to proclaim ownership.

Max's shoes.

Max's seat.

Charlie's bed.

Daddy's coffee.

Max's car.  Um, NO.

He unfortunately never makes the mistake and always calls the vacuum ... Mommy's.

May 5th, 2012