My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Monday, May 21, 2012

When it rains ...

it pours.

That is literally(outside) and figuratively what it is like in my house on a daily basis lately.

You guessed it ... Max and sleep training.  THIS SUCKS.

I am at the point where I think I am going to hurt him by how many times I am placing him gently (more like tossing him) back into his bed.  He thinks it is a game like I am tossing him in a pool.  I have sat for half an hour, I have sat for two and a half hours.  I am so exhausted.  Feeding a newborn in the night is less exhausting than this.  What do I do?

I know he is too young to not take a nap.  However he does not go to sleep until much coaxing, threatening, tossing into bed, taking of bed friends and blankets, cries, need I go on.

And to boot ... he has begun waking in the mid morning, screaming for me, cannot go back to sleep without me.  WE have woken on the couch more times than my back appreciates.

This morning he woke at 4:30am to not go back to sleep after a fun-filled TIRING day yesterday at HersheyPark with barely any nap.  It took until almost 9:30pm for him to fall asleep last night.

How does he do it, because guess what?  This mother isn't doing it.  Period.  I don't think I have consumed this much coffee since my nights in college.

I am trying to read some books about it.  They are not easy reads, tough ones for this sleep-deprived lady to stay awake to complete.

Right now he is having "quiet time."  I tried to put him for a nap at around 10ish this morning since waking at 4:30am.  Gave me all the tired signs, but NO.  He wants mummy to toss him into bed umpteen times, so I left.  I told him he can read books, do puzzles, play with his toys QUIETLY.  If he wanted to nap he could.  His bed is there.  But he has to QUIET.  So far, not bad.  I hear him talking but not loudly and Charlie is soundly asleep.

I am sitting on my ass while I can.

May 21st, 2012

PS - Good thing he's cute.

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