My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Monday, May 7, 2012

It must be done ...

sit in Max's room until he falls asleep, I mean.  I swore I would not be one of those mother's who did this, but I am at the point where I must.

Our routines are fantastic and worked very well until recently.  I know part of the problem was letting Max into a big bed before he should have been allowed.  We needed the crib for Charlie, but we probably could have made it work for a while longer or borrowed a second crib.

Max has realized his freedom and will succumb to that urge VERY QUICKLY when it comes to naptime or bedtime.  He will have toys playing, puzzles in pieces, cars going back and forth, and an empty bed getting very cold for quite some time before he actually takes it upon himself to tuck himself back into that bed and take a nap or go to bed.  I find it all very funny that he will eventually put himself to bed as opposed to crashing on the floor at the last spot he was playing, although one night i did find him sprawled on the floor with his hand very noticeably down the front of his diaper.  REALLY.

I didn't mind the playing at first and it kept him contained.  However, he has now learned how to work the system ... as in me being the system.  It was always books and bed.  He now wants more books.  He throws tantrums.  He throws things.  As I leave the room by stepping over the gate(which we must tie shut) that contains him since our little guy can open doors and locks, he jumps out of bed following me screaming.  He throws himself on the floor inside his room, thumps, kicks, hits the door therefore making horrendous banging noises and waking up Charlie, who needs all the sleep he can get.  He'll scream the name of the book he wants while banging the door with his feet.  Silence.  Oh good ... he stopped.  "Goodnight Moon" comes flying out into the hallway.


After much talking to the experts, my sister; 'Supernanny' in her own right and my mum and my husband for his point of view, I tried a new strategy at bedtime, because he has to listen to me.  He rarely does all this to my husband ... ofcourse.

We read books ... only three.  I told him to stay in bed, he could not get out of bed, he needed to fall asleep in bed.  And I sat near the door with my back to him and read a book.  I turned on my NOOK Color (plug for Barnes and Noble) at 8:18 pm.  He talked to himself, he played with his bed friends, he whimpered, he bounced, he shuffled about, but finally after about 45 minutes he started breathing heavy and snoring.  He did not get out of bed.  Good job boy.  I left the room at 9:13pm, drank two glasses of wine and ate cold macaroni and cheese and went to bed

Naptime wasn't too bad today either ... NOOK Color on at 1:13pm and I was leaving at 1:38pm.  He did get out of bed twice where I then put him back without talking.  He is still sleeping now.  Do I go wake him?  I know ... enjoy it.  I would if the other one hadn't woke up before two hours.

I do not want my child attached to me or need me to fall asleep.  I have always been very proud of the fact that all has been well in this department until now.  Letting them cry while being so young sucks ... I cried through it too.  Charlie is going through it now, but it must be done.  My boys will be able to be alone.  Obviously something had to be done in this case.  I could not have my 2 1/2 year old punching a hole through my wall with a copy of "Olivia."

If only the tantrums were fixable right now.

May 7th, 2012

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  1. good job!!
    do that same routine for a little while - every single time exactly the same way. then you can shift so you are sitting in the doorway, maybe only so he can see your feet or something. then eventually leave the room and sit outside the door where he can't see you. then a little further away, then a little further ... baby steps!
    may the force be with you!!!