My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Monday, February 25, 2013

They're just kids.

But are they really?  Just kids?  Aren't they little mini me's.  Aren't they a reflection of us, or in this very personal case, my husband and I?  I truly admit as a teacher that when I see unacceptable behavior from one of my many young, not adult, charges on a daily basis, I bite my tongue from saying, "Does your mom let you talk like that?"  "Do you kiss your mommy with that mouth?"  And my favorite, "Really?!  Your parents let you act this way?"  Because, guess what world, now a days the answer is most likely going to be YES. 

****Disclaimer****  I am saying most of the time people, because there does still exist the children who I believe have been taught respect, politeness, shame, responsibility, and accountability. 

I "disclaim" because I am hoping my children are in this group and I am not ggetting a phone call one day that put them in the group described above.

Michael and I struggle on a daily basis with our two.  They do not listen.  They are mean to each other.  They hit each other.  They hit us.  They tell us NO.  They scream.  They have tantrums.  We try to remain calm.  We try to punish with dignity, with consistency, with results.  Let me tell you, this does not always happen.  We can lose our cool and then the POWER STRUGGLE begins.  If you show them weakness, a.k.a. losing your cool, they know they have you.  It doesn't change with teenagers.

I know my children are 1 1/2 and 3.  I know theya re little toddlers who are meant to test you.  But how much longer can I go on and simply reassure myself that they're kids and all kids are like this at some stage and it will improve.

I have a new found realisation for those parents who I know have tried.  Who I know are still trying.  Beacuse I am trying and still trying too.

February 25th, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm over it.

Now that I have two children in daycare I have come to the realization that there will always be "sickness" in my house.  I say sickness in quotes since that word has such a plethora of meanings.

A sneeze can put Max into an ear-numbing whine, a finger to nose away from nose string of yellow snot, tongue licking top lip "grossness."

With sickness, comes medicine, comes 10 days 2 times a day shake well keep refrigerated take with food ... and a drink.  Luckily medicine has got a lot better.  It oozes.  It smells good.  It is sometimes even a very manly Easter egg shade of pink.  The flavors now are bubble gum, strawberry, grape, blue raspberry FOR GOOD GOD'S SAKE.

[Side note ... you know you all fight over the blue raspberry jolly ranchers with your kids.  I personally hide them from my students when I have them in my classroom.]

They are in these lovely bottles with little holes in the top where you insert your syringe, suck out the thick pinky or white goodness, and entice your toddler with it as a treat.  My kids ask for it ... the crack addicts they are.  If one has it, lately Charlie, Max asks for "med-sin."

Drops are a different story.  I speak of drops because I have now started a 7 day three times a day regiment with Charlie.  Ahhhhhhh ... conjunctivitis hits us again.  I swear doctors get half their pay just because they can say big words like CON-JUNC-TI-VI-TIS.  Get over it.  It's pink eye.  So now I have to convince my child to three times a day lay down look up pull my hair pick my nose hold a toy sing me a song but CAN I PLEASE GET A DROP IN EACH EYE.  I loved it how my pharmacist told me there was plenty of extra "med-sin."  What, no faith?

For once can I just go a number of days without sneezes, picking noses, yellow bogies, coughing, oozing eyeballs, tugging ears, wax-y ears, irritable tempers, no sleep, possible fevers, whining kids, bad moods, etc. etc. etc.

Wait ...

What's that ...

When ...

Oh ... when they move out, huh?

Good thing they're cute!

February 15th, 2013
When does this happen

Monday, February 11, 2013

potty boot camp

I always thought potty training was easy.  Perhaps I was smoking crack when I thought that or I was in such pregnant bliss that I fooled myself.  I was British.  WE potty train early.  No more nappies after two.

Did I mention Max is 3 1/3 years old.  At least I can say he is in pull-ups.  He knows he is supposed to pee in the potty.  He knows that big boys wear pulls up and babies wear diapers.  He knows how to frustrate me to no end when it comes to actually going.  He knows he gets a "treat" if he goes in the potty and he has to successfully go in the potty; not sit on the potty.  Thank goodness I have a husband who works for Hershey.

So this past weekend, we had POTTY BOOT CAMP.  No push ups, just pull ups.  No whistles, just oven timers.  But there was lots of yelling.  Ok ... not yelling per se.  Raised tones of frustration at my half naked child as he ran away from me, his tired mother, who simply wanted him to PISS IN THE POTTY so we could all scream and yell and clap and hand out chocolate treats for doing said big boy duty.  [Breathe.]

Every 40 minutes, Max was to go on the potty.  The oven timer binged, I cheerily called out dreading the soon to come argument, "Ding ding ding, Max'ers, it's pee pee time.  Come on buddy, let's go.  Do you want to sit on the big potty or the little potty?"


"Max this is not an argument, this is not a discussion, I want you to try."


"Max you're going to try."


In hand, "do you want the big potty or the little potty?"

"Little potty."

"Mommy, don't take my legos."

"I won't take your legos."


"Mooommmmmmmmmy, I pee'd."

"Great job buddy."

"Mommy, I go get a Hershey kiss."

"Yes, buddy."

Every 40 minutes.  I must say though, I didn't change many wet diapers.

Tonight before bath, Max decided he wanted to be like daddy, so he stood in front of the little potty.  Now I do believe the rule is if he goes IN the potty, he gets a treat.  I was so doubled up in laughter watching my son's bare ass stand over the little potty and actually go, that he got one for not just going but also for good form.  We'll have to work on his aim later.

February 11th, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Because they just won't sleep ...

Yep.  Another blog entry about how my boys won't sleep.  Lately we believe it has been due to Charlie  battling some ongoing ear infections/inflammation/resulting tummy aches/maybe headaches ... now I am reading the side effects of the medication too much.  It started a few weeks ago as Charlie would wake up screaming.  SK---REEEEEEE---MINGGGGGGGG.  Inconsolable.  You know the kind.  Like first teeth pushing through kind.  So, duh, Max wakes up too.

After a while there are so many nights on the couch a person can take.  I know I am breaking so many cardinal rules.  Do not sleep with your children on the couch.  Do not let them sleep in your bed.  Do not let them out of their room to walk to your room to sleep in your bed.  Sorry, ok.  I'm sorry.  You let me know how your adventures with mother of the year go when it is 11:47 pm, the new day hasn't even broken yet, and your toddler is screaming, you cannot console them, and you're hoping they will fall asleep out of exhaustion on you as you make yourself as horizontal as your couch will allow.

I must say this has been happening way too often lately.  Surprisingly it has been Charlie waking up, not Max.  Most nights Max will join one of us wherever we may be, either with or without Charlie.  It sometimes is fun waking up next to them, they snuggle you, they give you kisses ... I have other words for their morning breath, but I am sure mine is just the same.

A few nights Michael and I have just looked at each other helplessly.  What can we do?  What do we do?

Some nights our language has been more colorful.  I'll let your imaginations go wild with that one.

Last night was the best one yet so we're hoping this will begin the normal trend of a good night's sleep for our little boy.  Soon he'll hopefully have a full night's sleep.  Lord knows we need one.

February 3rd, 2013