My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Because they just won't sleep ...

Yep.  Another blog entry about how my boys won't sleep.  Lately we believe it has been due to Charlie  battling some ongoing ear infections/inflammation/resulting tummy aches/maybe headaches ... now I am reading the side effects of the medication too much.  It started a few weeks ago as Charlie would wake up screaming.  SK---REEEEEEE---MINGGGGGGGG.  Inconsolable.  You know the kind.  Like first teeth pushing through kind.  So, duh, Max wakes up too.

After a while there are so many nights on the couch a person can take.  I know I am breaking so many cardinal rules.  Do not sleep with your children on the couch.  Do not let them sleep in your bed.  Do not let them out of their room to walk to your room to sleep in your bed.  Sorry, ok.  I'm sorry.  You let me know how your adventures with mother of the year go when it is 11:47 pm, the new day hasn't even broken yet, and your toddler is screaming, you cannot console them, and you're hoping they will fall asleep out of exhaustion on you as you make yourself as horizontal as your couch will allow.

I must say this has been happening way too often lately.  Surprisingly it has been Charlie waking up, not Max.  Most nights Max will join one of us wherever we may be, either with or without Charlie.  It sometimes is fun waking up next to them, they snuggle you, they give you kisses ... I have other words for their morning breath, but I am sure mine is just the same.

A few nights Michael and I have just looked at each other helplessly.  What can we do?  What do we do?

Some nights our language has been more colorful.  I'll let your imaginations go wild with that one.

Last night was the best one yet so we're hoping this will begin the normal trend of a good night's sleep for our little boy.  Soon he'll hopefully have a full night's sleep.  Lord knows we need one.

February 3rd, 2013

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