My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Call me Mary Poppins or Supernanny ...

but my 2 year old, or almost two year old(11 days) loves to do house chores.  I am not making him get out the dusters or the vacuum or the mop, he does it on his own.  I am creating a bit of a Martha Stewart, but I know he is the way he is simply by watching his obsessive compulsive mum constantly pick up and clean.  I must say I have become a bit less obsessive - we pick up the toys one time only in the evening - but they do get picked up each day.  Max loves putting his books away, showing me where his "blankie" and "doggie" go on his bed, putting the clothes in the laundry basket, and driving the red fire engine truck into its place in the closet.  Our children are all our little mimics or mini-me's - they will do what you do; even scratch your ass or pick your nose!
Thursday is cleaning day for me and I start as soon as I get up and after a few sips of coffee.  On a normal day, Max is already up and follows me around with his duster reaching where he can reach which is where I hate to reach so its a win-win situation.  The vacuum is definitely his favorite.  I must admit, I used to have to do the bathrooms during nap time since he always liked to play in the toilet, but now I can distract him enough with the bath taps.  We take our time, stop to eat, I hold Charlie as I vacuum.  I get a clean house while playing with my boys and they learn some valuable lessons.  Have pride in what you have, take care of it!
You can never start too young with these simple things as far as I am concerned.  My sons will earn their pocket money.  It's called a "son's do list" instead of a "honey do list!"  Daddy and I will be watching the Steelers game!

Max found the swiffer mop and wipes in the cupboard and started to put it together for me!

September 15th, 2011

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