My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

sell your stuff ...

I know this sounds horrible.  Don't you want to keep every single cute darling little onesie or hat with the little yellow duck on it that says "mommy's little man" or "daddy's little princess."  I admit, I kept a few things.  Had to keep the Penn State booties, the UVA sweatpants, hospital to home outfits and maybe a blanket or two, but that's it.  Those are for me.  But all the other stuff got given away, donated, returned, and best of all, SOLD.

That's right mothers and fathers whose grocery bills tripled after having children because they eat everything in sight, won't be potty trained so the diapers are a plentiful, and what the stores charge for formula is high way robbery these days ...


1.  Make sure you are done having children before selling your stuff.
2.  Be picky as they are going to be very picky with what they decide to buy from you.
3.  Do not expect face value, expect a quarter value.
4.  You will be able to get better value for big items on a site such as craiglist or ebay, but if you couldn't be bothered, try a friend or go to your second hand store.
5.  Check what your store will buy before you lug it down there and also how much you can take at once.  These places will not generally buy any bedding, cribs, or car seats.  I can only take two tubs at a time.

DO NOT KNOCK the second hand stores.  I have had great experiences mainly selling clothes and toys.  I am not walking away a rich woman, but thirty to forty dollars from a tub of clothes is more than I would get if I simply donated it, which happens to the stuff I do not get anything for anyway.  Try it and you might be happily surprised.

These stores are also great around the holidays for things such as Halloween costumes or holiday dresses and suits if you don't mind about them being second hand. 

So, dig out all those old bins of clothes and start digging through.  Now after the holidays is a great time to have the kids give up some old toys to replace with their new toys.  Max and Charlie did a great job.  Make it a fun organizing day and get a little something in return.

January 22nd, 2013

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