My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

open your wallet ... and pantry

It was one of those market visits today where I spent over 80 dollars and wondered what I walked away?  A gallon of milk, cereal, some lunch meat and cheese, a few produce items, a few pieces of meat ... perhaps a candy bar for myself.  I get so annoyed with how much I spend and I know I'll be back in a few days.  Feeding my household of 3 men is a full time job.  I can't imagine more than that.  But I can say without hesitation that atleast I have the mean sto fed them.  How many parents are hungry because they worry about feeding their children first?  How many children go with only one meal a day - their free meal at school? 

I stood behind a woman at the checkout that had her WIC check ready to pay for her few meager items.  I don't know why I didn't think of it, but I should have paid for her items.  She didn't have her nails done.  She didn't have a fancy phone.  I didn't even see her with a phone.  I did see her nails bit to the quick, scruffy clothes, and a cold tired look on her face.

I remember sitting at my school desk this morning bitching how I did not have a spoon and my almond milk was in the fridge downstairs.  Aren't there too many people out there who do not have need for a spoon or almond milk because they have no cereal to put it on.  Every day people surround us who are hungry, who had no breakfast, but I'm complaining about my milk, which I already have.

As we enter the holiday season, I ask any of you readers to spend an extra minute in the can aisle at your grocery store and pick up a few more cans of Chef Boyardee or green beans to donate.  Turn in your turkey to a local food bank.  Go to the local shelter on Thanksgiving and help them out.

Too many people, specifically children, go hungry every day.  You can help.

November 12th, 2013  

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