My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Give them a piece of paper ...

I know I have only been at this whole mothering thing for just over two years, but one piece of wisdom I must share with you all is they do not need much at this age!  I have been listening to friends discuss their strategies of holiday shopping, hiding the holiday shopping, finding the time to take out said hidden holiday shopping, wrapping, and then hiding away again so children believe Santa brought it all.

Guess what - when Charlie's new wooden rattle arrived today I took it straight out of the box in front of him, shook it about, he giggled, and then we put it away.  I know - I am terrible.  But I can still do this at this age.  I do not have to be stealth ninja Santa shopper.  However, I know I must hone my skills for next year with Max - he'll be three then.

What "they" say is true - give them a box.  It works!  Please parents save your money and do not go crazy buying gifts for your children!  Guaranteed ... someone or more than one someone in your family will do so.  BUY YOUR DIAPERS!

My little Max loves the smallest thing.  The smallest things make him happy.  Case in point:
We are Costco members(uh, duh!) and after checking out you must show the receipt to the man at the door.  Max likes to carry my receipts.  However, at Costco, they will normally draw a face or little man on the back of the receipt for toddlers.  DO NOT ASK ME HOW HE KNOWS THIS, yet after taking my receipt at the check out from me a few days ago, he immediately turned it over looking for his little friend.  Really, kid, you remember that.  A few short yards away as we exited, he got his little friend and was more than delighted!  That is what he needed.  Not a new toy or a new book - a little wrinkled piece of paper with a smiley face!  How sweet.  

Folks, enjoy these years of not having to do much!  Soon enough I can see the argument of having a gaming system in my living room being the hot conversation topic at dinner!

December 14th, 2011

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