My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Please stop growing.

I remember snuggling with you each evening around 6pm.  I could watch reruns of NCIS or Law and Order and you would catch 20 winks.  Now, you're rip-roaring around the apartment with a vacuum hose or fire truck.
I remember when picking you up under one arm was no big feat. Now I groan as I pick up your thirty and then some pounds of solid boy.
I remember when you were bald.  I remember when you started losing your very dark hair.  Hair cuts are expensive.
I remember night feedings while watching the Kardashians.  Now please just sleep through the night.
I remember making baby food and when my shopping bills were half what they are now.
I remember when you could not talk.
I remember when I had to carry or push you everywhere, now I am trying to keep up.
I am thinking you will both match up in clothing size really soon.
It amuses me when so many people call you twins.
I want you to slow down.
I want you to take a nap in my arms again.
Right now I just want you to nap.

I know you will always be my little boys, but kindergarten is right around the corner.

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