My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Paint Up FTK, March 28, 2015 … and it snowed.

I feel pretty great to say I work with these amazing teachers and most amazing kids. Today was one of the kick-off events to the Susquehanna Township’s SD annual THON “FTK” Four Diamond’s 12-hour fundraiser.  Yesterday, we had two assemblies welcoming Coach Pantalone to our auditorium where he spoke on the heartbreak of losing his son to a very rare form of cancer, yet his ‘courage’ and ‘strength’ and dynamics impressed us all.  When he spoke on his son’s adamant nature of declaring how he had lived a life, that “he was good,” we all teared up. 

We are each and every day impressed with how Ashley LOVESTHON Otstott goes on, achieves awards, raises money, receives Distinguished Honors as a junior in High School, and yet still knows there is something in her, a form of a most terrible disease that has been in her body for almost her entire life.  Her parents and sister are heroes themselves knowing what their child and sister go through and doing all they can but not what they absolutely want to; get rid of the disease that plagues their daughter.   

We as a student body, faculty and staff, were told that another one of our own, one of our own Indian tribe, has been diagnosed with a form of sarcoma that has changed his, his family, and all our lives forever.  This young man is a senior at our high school, an amazing runner and swimmer, plays in the marching band, and is on his way to college.  He should have ran today, yet instead he is at Penn State Hershey Medical Center having begun treatment towards his illness.  A most terrible disease that has suddenly slammed him in the face like a door and become real to him. 

I’ll be cutting my hair off at our annual event this April, perhaps Ashley will cut it off.  It’s little, but something.  If you can donate towards this amazing annual event at my school to help kids with cancer, please follow the link below.   

Enjoy the photos!
Ashley with Coach Pantalone.

It snowed.

Some of my favorite people ... the STHS Softball Team.  Ashley is in the middle.

My Malikul

Miss STHS, Hanns, with Jake Evans, the event chair.

crazies ...

Mr. Still, our leader, with Miss A.

March 30th, 2015

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  1. THANK YOU Natasha for bringing tears to my eyes ....... For the very kind words for my daughter whom I love with all of my heart; for understanding how unfair it is for these innocent kids to have to fight for their lives; to "get" what we go through after becoming a "cancer family"; for helping to raise awareness and support for our kids and our families and for becoming my friend <3