My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

school mom

I have two sons.  They are my life and joy.  I dread the daily report from daycare if my younger son has had a “rough day.”  Rough days happen more often than good days it seems.  He is a challenge.  My older son is too smart for his own good … and he knows it.  I sometimes think he’s smarter than me.  I’d do ANYTHING for my children.  ANYTHING.  They also drive me nuts.

Well, this isn’t about my children today.  It’s about the hundreds of students that are put in my hands every day.  They are special, as well.  They are someone else’s children, someone else’s baby.  They also drive me nuts.  One of my best, my “daughter,” had a rough game, and I can say I cried for her.  I find myself crying when I know her and her friends will soon be graduates.  Another toughed out an AP simulation, believed she performed badly, and still stayed for tutoring.  Another pushed my buttons, but I could still help him with his homework.  He was doing what I asked him to, and that’s a win in my book.  One of our’s is dealing with chemo right now, dealing with a sick mom, divorcing parents, etc.  And I cry.  I cry all the time for these kids.  They’re kids.  They’re not grown, even though they claim they are.  They don’t pay a mortgage, work and be a parent, be a wife, be a dad.

I work for them.  Today was an extremely hard day, and the students were the easy part.  Ever felt judged … it happened today.  Ever felt under appreciated … it happened today.  Every felt taken for granted … it happened today.  When will we as colleagues appreciate each other and the sacrifices we each make?  When will we as educators, as PROFESSIONALS, be appreciated for what we do?  When will a month go by or a week go by and we as educators do not question our choice in profession?  When will teaching truly be teaching again?

I saw disagreements today.  I saw a certain throwing under the bus occur.  I saw many taken for granted.  And we were heartbroken.  And I have no answers.  So, I’ll go to bed soon.  Get up, shower, get dressed, make myself look professional, and go to work.  Because we’re professionals.  And it’s what we do.  Because at the end of the day, it’s about the students.  The kids. 

And that’s why a few of them call me “School Mom.” 

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