My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Friday, October 2, 2015

"non-food" birthday's

Turn back the time machine to when you were in elementary school.  I had Mrs. Schilling in 3rd grade at Newlonsburg Elementary School in Murrysville, PA at Franklin Regional School District.  She was so cute, blond wavy wispy hair, wore long plaid jumpers in the winter, gave out stickers.  I had Mrs. Cady in 4th grade with her color changing shoes.  Mr. Ogline in 5th grade - "the coolest" math teacher ever.  I wore homemade clothes and sweatshirts you would make out of puffy paints.  I remember my first pair of jeans in 5th grade - yes, 5th grade.  My best friend changed weekly, Erik Connors "liked" me.  He was my boyfriend, than he wasn't.  We "hated" each other, we "loved" each other.  NKOTB, Metallica, Def Leopard, and Paula Abdul.  "Straight Up" and "Pour Some Sugar on Me." 

Do you remember birthdays in elementary schools?  You were the king or queen for the day!  I remember hanging the number 15 on the October calendar on my special day.  I got to pick out a game or pass out papers.  It. Was. Awesome.  Yet, the best part was bringing in your favorite treat to share with your class.  An extra treat on your special day!  For just one day, you were the most popular person in the 3rd grade because you had chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or cupcakes and everything that was normally going on had to stop so that you could be celebrated.  Everyone got a snack all because of you.  You could walk down the hallway and share your cookies with the other teachers. 

My Max just turned 6.  He had been so excited, asking for Legos, wanting cake, making us aware - 3 more days, 2 more days, 1 more day.  Unfortunately, Max cannot take cookies, or brownies, or cupcakes to his kindergarten friends.  Max's school district, not kindergarten, school district has a policy of no food treats for a child's birthday.  I'm sorry ... WHAT?  WTH?  My child is turning 6, he has new friends, a new school, a new teacher, but I cannot bring in cookies?  This infuriates me to no end.  I can't even fathom.  Needless to say, Max looked at me as though I had a horn growing out of my head when I explained this to him.  What do you mean, no brownies?  How may we celebrate?  Pencils, they say.  Erasers.  

Whoa ... hold up, I get to buy 18 small children a pencil to celebrate my child's birthday?  WOW.  Any 5 year old will obviously not be able to contain their pure elation over receiving a new pencil the 4th week of school after coming to school the first day with the dozen their mom or dad already bought them.  Do you sense my sarcasm ... laying it on kind of thick.  What kid wants a pencil?  I'm going to assume more kids would want an f'ing brownie.  

Each child got 2 Avengers pencils.

I get it.  Peanut allergies are rampant.  It is so much more severe for some poor children than I could even imagine - heaven forbid I not be able to have peanut butter.  It's not that hard to adhere to a no-peanut request.  And if you're so concerned about a healthy atmosphere or healthy lifestyle, leave that at home.  If children are raised to be healthy children, most likely they'll grow up to live as healthy adults.  A healthy child starts at home, not at daycare or school, but at home.  Do you not allow your children to go to a birthday party for the fear of cake or cupcakes?  Really?  It's a rite of passage in my mind; birthday parties with hot dogs or pizza and a big ol' birthday cake with the most popular cartoon character of the day emblazoned on top in an edible sugar cake topper.  Then they leave with a bag full of absolutely pointless, plastic, break after two times, trinkets and toys and guess what ... more candy!!!!!!  

It's the child's birthday.  It is their day.  Why can you not let them share it as they wish, with a sugary sweet treat to share with their friends and special treatment like passing out papers or show and tell.  Let them live, for goodness sake.

Rant over.

October 2nd, 2015 

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