My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Monday, January 18, 2016

It's Farm Show time!

If you are from near or even heard of Central PA - than you know about the Farm Show.  It always happens right after the New Year and goes for generally about 9-10 days.  Yes, folks, it's a Farm Show.  The 100th annual Central Pennsylvania Farm Show.

10 things to know ...

1.  It smells.
2.  The buses are always busy, late, crowded, never around, etc. - parking is your only "have-to" pay.  15 dollars.  Big whoop.  Then you take a bus to the actual location.
3.  It smells.
4.  Cows and horses will knock you over ... they have the right of way if you are in the barns ... MOVE PEOPLE.
5.  The baby chicks have got to be the cutest baby animals ever ... ever.
6.  What do they do with the butter sculpture after the farm show is over?  Does everyone come on the last day with bread?
7.  Farm Show milkshakes and potato donuts are the greatest ever. 
8.  Go see an auction - cannot understand a word, but pretty cool to listen and watch.
9.  Horses pull tractors ... did you know?
10.  Let your kids climb all over the tractors - it's the coolest.  Just don't let them turn anything on ... like the hazard lights.  Not that I have any experience with that at all. 

Want to see some pictures ... ofcourse you do!

Who's kid gets pizza at the Farm Show - mine.



They really let you sit on the tractors and push buttons.

In his glory.

Which one next?
Every child must enjoy the Farm Show, at least once.

January 18th, 2016

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