My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Momma said there'd be days like this ...

Hurricane Irene ... heard of her?  Well, you can say we got some wind and rain and are now missing two chairs from our basement patio.  I am thinking they are down the hill near the pond?  However, I was stuck in the house.

Trying to entertain two little boys under the age of two while the tropical storm winds blew was not such an easy task.  My day went something like this:

~6:08 am  Charlie wakes up, he's hungry!
Coffee pot on.
Power off/on.
Boobs out.
Max's toys begin to play.  Guess he is awake too.

7:13am  Hubby leaves for work among tropical storm winds and rain.  Max waved from the window.  Charlie is sucking his gums and crying ... whenever those first teeth want to pop through is fine with me!

7:19am  Mummy shower ... nice and warm.  Max tried to climb in two minutes into my shower.  Max handed me my towel when I got out.  Thanks Bo Bo.

7:49am  Max's breakfast.  Did I mention he is going through this not eating phase.  So he wanted waffles and showed me where the toaster was, where to plug it in, where the waffles were, where to put them, syrup ... the whole she-bang, then did not eat it.  He ate half a banana instead.  The dog got some waffle.

8:07am  Coffee pot on again.

8:31am  Wrestle Max into some clothes.  He is a naked toddler all of a sudden.

9:00ish  Feed Charlie while drinking new coffee.  The dog is trying to hide from Max.  Great.  Max decides he can fit into the swing ... and gets stuck.

9:17am  Did I eat breakfast yet?  Peaches.  I can shove a peach down my throat.  Please Charlie take a snooze.  Let's go play in Max's cool room.  Something smells south of your bellybutton, kiddo.  We have legos, trucks, Thomas, etc.  What does Max want ... books.  We read 11 books.

10:01am  Charlie = screaming.

10:02am  Laundry and basement play fun.  Max loves the basement.  Charlie can watch.  We can play catch with Annie.  I put down a blanket and we had fun for a while.  Then Max tried to steam clean the concrete basement floor.

10:59am  Ok, let's try to take Annie outside in the tropical storm wind.  Charlie was finally snoozing.  Oh yeah, Max totally loved getting a raincoat put on him.

Cheese NO
Ham NO
Pretzels NO
Other half of banana YES
Charlie is crying ... boobs out.
Yogurt YES
Fruit snacks NO
Next boob.
Pudding NO
Nuggets NO
Won't burp.

12:08pm  Okay, sleepy time.  Stuffed animals, blankie, heart beat bear, blinds drawn.  Take a good nap. Door closes.  Wait for it, wait for it, toys begin to play.  If he is happily playing, good enough.  Charlie won't settle.  Rock rock.

12:41pm  Max screams.  Uh-oh.  Up the stairs I go.  He is on the floor, both legs down one leg of his pants, full messy diaper, and he is stuck.  Ok, let's change you and get you back into bed.  Screaming pursues.

1:11pm I think Max is asleep.  I think Charlie is asleep.  I can finally find out what happens to that girl with the dragon tattoo.

1:42pm  I'm sleepy.

1:58pm  Charlie screams.  Let's try the chair.  More laundry.  Coffee pot goes on.  Book!

3:11pm  I am supermom ... edible play dough.  Max will love it!

3:47pm  Max screams.  OMG.

Come see what I made us to play with.  Table cloth down.  Charlie is sleeping.  I can play with Max.  HE IS AFRAID TO TOUCH THE PLAY DOUGH.  Are you kidding?  I bribed him with chocolate gold fish.  Oh, you'll eat that, huh?
Max decided to make balls out of the play dough and toss them.  Unfortunately, Annie got a few.  He is screaming with laughter and I am wrangling with the dog trying to get the play dough out of her mouth.  That much peanut butter cannot be good for her.

4:43pm WE ARE GOING FOR A WALK.  No rain clouds in sight.

Once we got home, it was quite normal.  Feeding Charlie, feeding Max(chef Boyardee with vegetables and mandarin oranges and more chocolate gold fish for snack), bathing the boys, feeding the dog, picking up, etc.

7:23pm  My husband got home as I was getting the boys ready for bed after their bath.

"Hi honey, want to pour me a drink?"  I am on my second glass right now.

August 28th, 2011

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