My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Monday, August 8, 2011

Toddler antics ...

My almost two year old gets into the most weirdest situations or plays with funny things or most importantly, does funny things.

Today, he pushed my vacuum cleaner around our house for almost an hour; playing with the chord, trying to plug it in(where in the process he knocked over a lamp, scared the dog under the dining room table and unplugged our entire tv/blueray/stereo system so the guide channel only says To Be Announced next to every channel starting at 4pm), almost dumped the little bagless thing on our cleaned carpet, etc.  What are you trying to tell me kid ... I need to vacuum more.

He shuts himself in the pantry.  I need to stop leaving the door open.

He points to the tissue box.  I ask him if he wants a tissue.  He shakes his head NO but signs please.  Why will he not nod?  I give him a tissue, he wipes his nose, my nose, the baby's nose, the dog's nose, and then throws the tissue away.

Half the time I find him waking up on the floor.  So, you're telling me I didn't have to buy you a new bed?

He picks up the phone, bables for a few seconds, and then very clearly says BYE with his voice and his hand.  He puts the phone back.

When he leaves a room, he MUST shut the door.

When we go outside, he points to his head and says hat.  That's because aunt Esme says he must wear a hat outside.  As soon as we walk back int he door, the hat comes off.

He tells his daddy where to put his jacket and tie when he comes home.  He then proceeds to the closet, gets his slippers, brings them to daddy and insists he puts them on,  I am not kidding.

In the morning, he points to the pantry - I open it - he points to the toaster on the top shelf.  I get it down and he runs to the counter top where the outlet is and we plug it in.  He then goes to the freezer, not the fridge side, the freezer side and insists I open it.  He then finds the waffles and pulls them out.  He takes out two waffles and walks over to the counter with his two waffles holding them up to be put in the toaster.

He can find the string cheese in the fridge.

Instead of toys he wants books.

He helps me dust every week.  He dusts the dishwasher for crying out loud.

Once when I picked him up from daycare this past year, he had to out the toy away he was playing with before coming to see me ... really?

When we sit for stories, I have to sit with my legs apart, not Indian style, and he scooches himself between them.

He knows where to throw away his dirty diapers.

He kisses.

His best friend is the dog.

He covers his baby brother with his blanket and turns on his heartbeat bear for him and puts it by his side.  Once he threw the music globe at him - I think his intentions were good.

I could go on ...

August 7th, 2011

PS - By the way, Charlie is perfectly fine.  Stay tuned for more of that Harvard bound brain development.

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  1. this made me smile SOOOOOOOO big:):):) I love that kiddo, and wish I could come vacuum with him right now instead of working all night.