My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Sunday, November 6, 2011


At my church group the other morning a comparison was made between a monarch butterfly trying to hatch itself from its cocoon and the struggles God places in front of us through our lifetime to learn from.  If a monarch butterfly does not go through this struggle, it will die.  I am not saying that you will die if you do not face struggles.  I am saying that our struggles we face on a daily basis are there to teach us something.  To help us learn.

Max and Charlie have presented me with a new struggle and I have not figured out the lesson yet.

They have decided to not sleep through the night or take significant naps during the afternoon.  The wake up calls are relentless because every ounce of sleep during the night is needed considering they rarely nap at the same time.  Max will run his cars and trains across the door, into the door, over the walls, in turn waking up Charlie.  Charlie babbles away as he tries to turn himself over in his crib.  I found him sideways at 5:09 am this morning after Max started at 4:43am.

Now this is where my husband and I lose our team ability.  My husband works and I stay home, so he believes he should sleep.  Well, guess what, my love?  That whole thing "sleep when they sleep" does not happen in this house.  Please get up and help me.  The only thing he cannot do is nurse, everything else he can, which includes getting up with your noisy son.

Naptime is not fun either.  Max, I can shut in his room.  He cannot get out unless he tears off the childproof guard, which has only happened once.  He plays quite happily - so I leave him - until he has  a tantrum.  He is SO LOUD.  I go in, change him, put him back to bed, more screaming ... I normally find him wedged behind the door so I can't get in.  He usually wipes out there from banging on the door.

Charlie has taken to sleeping on the living room floor ... for about forty minutes.  He barely sleeps in the morning then stays awake until bedtime.  How does his little body do it?  Aren't you tired my little man? So then he sleeps ... until 5:09am.

Just keep the coffee going.

November 5th, 2011

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