My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Monday, October 31, 2011

Toddler Antics ... part deux

I am sorry I have been absent for so long.  My husband was hurt and home for a week recuperating, so I was quite focused on that.

I have had a bit of a long day ...

Max is starting to talk more and more.  He said his first swear the other night.  My fault.  I admit it.  Let me explain myself.  I was changing Charlie's diaper, full of poop, after changing Max's, full of poop.  Before catching myself I let the "d" word fly.  What comes out of Max's mouth immediately ... Damn.  Figures.  Unfortunately my husband was there as well, so he was witness.  I admit it.  My fault.

Max is saying more, yet he replaces some letter sounds with other letter sounds.  For example ... he cannot say the s sound.  When he tells our patient dog to "sit" he actually calls her a female body part.  When I go to put on his "socks" he calls them a male body part.  This has only happened in the house so far.

Max has started to pee on the potty.  He also likes to empty the little collection bucket underneath by himself.  I have luckily saved our carpet from any spills.  I can only laugh when he says buh-bye to the pee as we flush it down the toilet.  He waves too.

Max lifts a cheek.  That's right.  He leans from fully sitting on his behind to half sitting on his behind and a little toot escapes.  I can tell you 100% firm that I am not responsible for this new action.  He likes to pull my husband's finger as well.  Boys.

Max chose broccoli over macaroni and cheese the other night.

He thinks he is too old for naps.  Grrreeeaaatttttt!

When we leave a room, he says "turn on turn on turn on" but he really means "turn off."  He shakes his hand at the light switch at the same time.

After making a mess, he will clean it up.  He will normally not leave a room unless everything has been put away.

He has discovered Elmo on Sesame Street.

This message has been brought to you by the number 11 and the letter Y.

October 31st, 2011

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