My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nighttime Visitors

Many times my friends will tell me stories about how their little ones will pad pad pad down a hallway into their rooms, prod and push them until they wake up, beg to get into bed with them, and out of pure exhaustion on their(the parental's) part he or she(the child) is allowed into the "big bed."  Then the night continues with this small child who suddenly becomes a large child by how much room they are able to take up in the bed.

Well, my child cannot pad pad pad down a hallway.  He's gated in his room since he is upstairs, we are downstairs.  Little boy falling down stairs in the dark ... not good.  So, when Max wakes up for whatever reason in the night he will either cry(not likely), slowly bang his door against the door stop(more likely), or violently scream, cry, and bang door ferociously against the door stop(most likely).  Meanwhile I am downstairs in a blissful slumber.  I shoot out of bed as though my hair is on fire.  Within 3.2 seconds I am running up the stairs in the dark to quiet Max down before he, heaven forbid, wakes up the other kid.

I am assuming that Max is starting to become afraid of the dark.  He does not want us to turn the light off.  He talks about the dark.  And if I ask him, "Max, are you afraid of the dark?", he nods.  So, if he wakes up in the night and it is dark, I believe he is afraid of the dark by the resulting attempt at breaking out of his room.  Same thing happens with thunder.

Poor poor boy.

Then it is a game.  Where will WE sleep and I do say WE because heaven forbid I leave him.  Sometimes the couch where he climbs all over me and it really hurts.  Sometimes our bed where he becomes a huge child and I hang off the edge of the bed.  Did I mention this child suddenly snores?  The other night he wanted Daddy's chair, the armchair where he snuggled against a pillow and under a blanket, drank some milk, drifted off pleasantly.  Damn kid, can I get you the remote?

Last night it was both of them.  Let's just say that Max and the dog got the couch, Charlie got the    pack n' play, and Michael found me on THE FLOOR when he came out from our lovely pillow top warm bed in OUR bedroom to tell me it was 5am and I should get my shower.


September 6th, 2012

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