My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Thursday, May 2, 2013

This is a milestone, folks. Brace yourselves!

Max stayed "dry all day." 

What do you mean "dry all day?"

Well any parent who has, who is, or who will go through the process of potty training might understand this as "going in the potty all day."  And that is just what he did, folks.  Went in the potty all day.  When I had to tell him to wear a pull-up for night, he looked at me strange as though I was talking nonsense.

"How dost thee say such a horrid word in my presence?" (My attempt at Shakespeare.)

Yesterday morning he refused to put on a pull-up.  Ok.  So he went in the potty and then very proudly went through three pairs of underpants (Mr. Incredible, Lightning McQueen, and finally Mater Rater) before he was happy and off we went to U-Gro.

And dry he stayed all day ...

And into the evening ... after pooping not once but twice in the potty on his own before bathtime.

He is so proud.  It's awesome.  It was such an amazing feat for him that off he went again this morning wearing his Rex Dinosaur underpants very proudly.  Hopefully we will get another awesome report!

Truthfully, it has been much harder for Michael and I than him.  Let's face it, he wasn't caring where he shit.  It was Michael and I who did.  Never thought I would get so crazy over piss and shit, but all PC'ness aside, that's what this is about.  Piss and Shit.  I knew "it" would all happen sometime and I was more about "letting it happen" than Michael.  Michael wanted it to happen most specifically because he was the one lugging the boxes of Pull-Ups from Costco. 

I had such high aspirations.  I'm British.  I was out of "nappies" before I was 2.  But I was also a girl.  I had a strict mum who sat me on the pot whenevr during the day and an older sister to watch.  I thought, I can do this.  Can't be so hard.  Yep, look up gullible and there I would be.  Max's teacher has been such a lifesaver, Miss "T."  Three cheers for Miss "T." 

Funny part is Max's developing language through all this.  His favorite part in all of this, besides marshmallow or M n M treats, is yelling wherever we may be what he just did.  And sometimes the language is quite funny.  My favorites so far are "crap your pants" or "I'm going to take a big dump."  Feel free to giggle ... I do.  Then reprimand.

I hope this is a turning point for Max and us.  Right now, I'll just glorify in our hard work AND patience. 

May 2nd, 2013

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