My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Do you have to go potty?"

It has begun.  I'm admitting it.  I'm dedicated.  I'm in it to win it.  I am trying to potty train Max.  I am going to emphasize the "trying" in this last sentence.

I did some reading(ok, on the floor of the B&N for five minutes), I looked online, I printed Elmo charts, I have Disney stickers, I have 17 pairs of underpants, one potty, a couple potty books, and patience.  Yeah, my last item is waning already.

Get it together, Mum.  You'll have to do this again in less than two years.

Atleast I can eat candy again.

I started in yesterday morning after talking up his new drawers all the day before.  He went on the potty in the morning.  WOOHOO.  This was after asking for a diaper.  Is this a sign?  Is my ever so intelligent child going to ask for a diaper signaling he wants to go?  How very accommodating of him.  Great job, Max.  Flush it away.  Wash your hands.  Say bye-bye.  Let's go get a Mickey Mouse sticker.

This didn't happen again until bathtime.

Through the day he had accidents while yanking on his peepee which felt so different in his new underpants, watching Elmo, sitting reading books with Daddy ON OUR COUCH, chasing the dog, so on, so on, so on.  The best was right before nap.  I was literally three minutes from putting him in a diaper.  He stood right in front of me as I changed my little Charlie, and pooped.  Clean up is much harder with number 2, than number 1.  He went through 6 pairs of underpants, three shorts, and 2 pants.

Today, we're just wearing underpants.  It is, ofcourse, so cold out and I cannot let him run around naked.  He went very well, first thing, but not since.  His tantrums bring on accidents, he watched the dog pee and peed himself, he peed on me while reading books.  The most aggravating part is he'll sit forever and I read to him, but then get up.  Three minutes later he is pee'ing his pants.  Grrr.

Here is my question, should I schedule him sitting on the pot or just keep asking him?  He constantly tells me, "No, 'm fine."  No, son, you're not fine, because Thomas the Tank Engine is wet.  

April 11th, 2012


  1. Natasha,

    You don't technically "schedule," but you don't ask either. You walk him to the bathroom (or carry him) and then tell him once you get there why you are there. Repeat this every half hour, all day, if not even more often. You think I'm kidding. I'm not.

    Oh, and limit the beverages. (Except for yourself-- might want to increase your own consumption of beverages that contain an alchohol content, trust me.)

    Good luck! You will get through it!


  2. Thanks for the advice MOV!