My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

20 things you know you wanted to know about this blogger.

1.  I am not an American citizen.  I am a LEGAL resident alien with a green card but red passport which makes me a citizen of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.  By the way, it is not green ... it's blue.  I have my naturalization forms all filled out and ready to go ... just don't have the money to pay for it.
Ever since "The Wedding" and now "The Jubilee" I feel myself missing my homeland more and more. One of these Sundays I will cook a proper Sunday Lunch and have all my in-laws over to show them how it's done!

2.  I stand over a bag of potato chips or Doritos looking for the folded over chips.  They are more crunchy.  I just like them better.  Michael gives me all the folded over chips.

3.  Right now Max is swinging his plastic golf clubs in my basement.  He's a lefty.  Now he is going to try and sit in the Bebe Pod ... he fits.  Now he shoved a mini paint roller into the VCR slot of my old TV.  I know what you're thinking ... you still have a TV with a VCR slot?!

4.  I have a slight, ok severe, addiction to candy.  Especially fruity gummy candy.  The bulk aisle in Wegman's is my playground.  And I don't share very easily.  I chalk this up to the fact that my mum was always very health conscious and it was a big day if we had Oreo's in the house growing up.

5.  I can drink coffee at any point during a day and still be able to fall asleep at night.  I blame the children.  I also blame college and that I managed a coffeehouse while attending college.

6.  I really really really hate flying, but I'll do it to get to amazing places ... such as Japan one day.  As I have got older I have got better.  When I was a child I used to be throwing up while walking to my seat.  No joke.  I also had a drink cart spilled on me once.

7.  Huge Harry Potter fan.  Huge.  Much more than Hunger Games or Twilight.  I have an even huger crush on Hermione Granger.  She is just brilliant.

8.  When I finish a book I must start another one immediately.  I can never think about not being in the middle of someone else's adventure or life.  Their problems are my escape.

9.  It is hard for me to shut up.  I talk a lot and have always talked a lot.  This is why my sister would call me obnoxious growing up, because sometimes I was just plain silly.  I admit it.  Sorry.

10.  I hate, no loathe, unloading the dishwasher, but am very thankful to have a dishwasher.

11.  Say it loud and proud ... I am a Kardashian-a-holic.  Khloe's my favorite.

12.  I have two gorgeous twin nieces and plan on not being an aunt just to them ... DO YOU HEAR ME ESMERALDA WARD, SETH and LAURA WALIZER, and ROBBY WALIZER?

13.  I am much more a Democrat than I am a Republican even though the majority of my family is Republican.  However, Ron Paul has some good thoughts.

14.  I am a Christian.  When I ask Max where we're going on any given day his first response is often church.  I love that.

15.  I have this problem ... I am afraid of upsetting people.  I know this sounds obvious, but it really bothers me.  I take things very personally sometimes.

16.  Ok, so maybe I liked NewKids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, and 'N Sync.  I only went to one of their concerts - guess who?

17.  If I could meet anyone in the world, alive, it would have to be Jamie Oliver.  He just seems like a lot of fun.  And his kids are so sweet.  I'd also like to guest host "Morning Joe."  As long as I did not look like an idiot.

18.  If I could meet anyone in the world who has passed on, I'd love to meet my husband's pappy who I never got to meet.  I think it would explain a lot about my husband.  And, obviously, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

19.  My sister and my mum are my best friends.   My husband is my love.

20.  I love the beach.  Definitely my favorite vacation spot.

Avalon, NJ

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