My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Yesterday my neighbor told me that the two poodles up the road, literally 8 doors up our town home row, attacked and killed a smaller dog the evening before.  Needless to say, it scared the s&^% out of me.  I know these two poodles well as I had a run-in with them and my smaller terrier before.  I consider myself quite brave around dogs and am not one to shy away if a dog comes at me to say hello.  If I see them as forceful, I move away.  This time I had my little Annie and my small boys.

The one poodle had got away from its owner and went for Annie.  I have had to take Annie out of the line of fire before, so I quickly scooped her up once I realized the dog was not nice and caught it to return to its owner.  I didn't think they were dangerous.  I found the poodle domineering seeing a smaller dog to intimidate.  I am now very thankful the situation was not much worse.  Little Annie went right on as she does.

Hearing this latest situation saddens me but scares me more than anything.  Will a dog always distinguish between another dog and a small child?  My little Max is very friendly with all dogs.  He loves going to them.  My husband and I tell him all the time that not all dogs are our little Annie.  

I have not seen the poodles since hearing of the situation.  I know that police are involved so I am guessing they have been taken away.  These situations are so sad.  You hear about these kind of situations with children and I just can't imagine.

Honestly, I feel better thinking those dogs are no longer up the row from me.  I am so sorry to their owner, but I do feel better.  Having a dog is a responsibility to not just teach them how to sit, not jump up, go outside, etc. but also to teach and train them to be kind.  A pet is a family member.  Teach them appropriately.  This is not a K-9 unit, this is a neighborhood, with small children.

March 24th, 2012

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