My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Monday, November 12, 2012

apartment living

I will just start this entry by voicing my overall ever expanding heartfelt RELIEF that we finally sold our townhouse.  It was along time coming ... just over 7 months to be exact.  Michael declares we are free, nothing to tie us down, when we find out special house we can bid without anything tying us down.  YIPPEE.

Michael has been awesome and I have not been.  Guilty feeling starts about right now.  I do have a valid excuse though.  Actually two.  Meet Max and Charlie.  Packing up a house while still trying to survive and live in it with two toddlers is not easy.  Let alone them having pink-eye, colds, croup, and fevers.

While I worked at school all week, Michael packed, moved, phone-called, schlepped, you name it ... he did it.  I did some but only what the little ones allowed me to do on the weekend when they could not be taken to a daycare center.  This is where Grammy comes in!  My mum came all the way from South Carolina for a weekend, yes a weekend, to help me move "stuff" while watching the boys and allowing Michael to work his very long hours as he always does.  Mimi and Papa moved an entire basement with my ever-loving husband.  My thankfulness is unending to our parents.

Now I am going to bitch a little.

HOUSE WITH BASEMENT to apartment with garage that is used as basement ... not easy.  I can say that all of our possessions are within the wall boundaries of said apartment, just not so spread out.  We have a dining room table, sleeper sofa, fridge, past six years of taxes, beautiful pictures, bulk diapers and paper towels, suitcases, Christmas decor, etc. in the garage.  Charlie's room is our new office.  Max has half our living room in his room.  We have ALL our clothes in one closet.  It's all condensed.  I don't like condensed soup, I don't like condensed space.

Kitchen is not child-proofed.  FML.

Moving has put me on permanent PMS status.  I am EXASPERATED with everything dealing with this move, specifically because I knew I was going into an apartment.  I'll get over it.  The joy of selling has taken over that.  Now we are just dealing with adjusting toddlers.

Taking a dog out at 5am with a clingy child down a flight of stairs SUCKS.

The loud radios at 11:23pm on a Saturday night rock ... let me tell you.  Can you sense my sarcasm?

I want a home in a house, not an apartment.  I want my own mailbox and back yard.  I want a master bedroom that is a master bedroom.  I want my boys to have their rooms and room to play.  I want a kitchen table.  I want a house to host friends.  I want to know we will be settled where we want to live and raise our boys.  Right now I am settling for Apartment F in a row of many.

November 12th, 2012


  1. Relax and give it time. It's not easy to live in an apartment especially when it's a tall building where you have to go up and down the stairs/elevator with your kids. So, why not take things one step at a time. Everything will be fine. Try saving up for a home while living in an apartment. Continue to hope and just be positive like I am at my apartments in Chicago IL.

  2. Thanks for the positive thoughts! Made my evening!