My Little Picasso's

My Little Picasso's

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

dumpster diving

I am not talking about McDonald's at the end of a night when you were broke ass in college and hungry.  Come on, admit it, you atleast considered it ...

Max, Charlie, and I were walking Annie - our four-legged little lady, before a morning full of errands until she decided to make a deposit around the neighborhood.  So I dutifully bagged it up to dispose of in the proper receptacle.  Let me rephrase myself.  I first of all fended off two little boys who wanted to pick up the poop themselves.  THIS IS NOT HAPPENING.  Then it was a fight over who would carry it, throw it away, try to untie the bag, etc. etc. etc.  Seriously, this is what they fight over.  DOG SHIT.  Max won after a bird distracted Charlie and off he went to the dumpster to throw it away.  Now our apartment dumpsters are encased by lovely wooden sheds to hide the unsightliness of them with doors that can be opened and shut by the rubbish men.  Max goes around and launches the bag into the dumpster while holding my keys - do I need to tell you what happened next?!  Poor little guy - he IMMEDIATELY knew something was not right.  His face was so scared.  Threw clenched teeth I told him all was fine.  After biting my tongue, I had to figure out how to get out my keys.  I am only 5"3" - there was no launching myself into the dumpster, especially with Max, Charlie, and a freaking out Annie at this point - she is scared of the dumpsters.  So ... I took the tall rusty pole that the doors of the shed open and close with and fish out my keys.  Thank goodness the dumpsters had been emptied out that morning, or I could have been fishing through coffee grounds, dirty diapers, and yesterday's mail.  I came out a little sweaty, hands covered in rusty grease, and with keys.  And we went on with our day.

Now I did do some actual dumpster rummaging a few hours later while trying to find boxes to accommodate packing - liquor stores are great for this.  Unfortunately, the boxes had been broken down and placed in the dumpsters already.  Don't mind the girl with her SUV back door open nonchalantly parked behind a strip mall fishing through a dumpster for boxes with emblems of Cupcake Vineyards, Captain Morgan, and Yellowtail.

I have no shame.

It's a good thing I did get some boxes yesterday.  Quiet time, my ass.

Note to self - do not let child carry keys on walk and quiet time is very rarely going to happen.

June 25th, 2013

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